Entry #2

Pepito's Show

2012-12-27 08:42:06 by TrasherMiKki

Check it out if you haven't done it yet! And some of my other works click and click.
Hey guys! I, probably, don't seem familiar to you, but I know each of you, little pancakes! I'm watching you when you sleep...
I just wanna share with you my little celebration - i was featuret on the Frontapage for the first time! Man, Santa Claus sure did a great work.
It's a notable event and astonishing success for me. I hope i'll get some audience, because i'm surely going to provide you with some new content.
So, i just wanted to say "thank you" and give you a piece of my love, which is breaking my heart into thousands of smaller hearts! Taste them, they smell like cinnamon!
Also, i'd be thankful to you if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Pepito's Show


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2012-12-27 08:47:12